Proposed changes to law on environmental pollution will boost efforts to tackle climate change, noise, Politics News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Singapore’s efforts to tackle climate change and noise pollution will get more bite under proposed changes to a law governing environmental pollution. The changes set out under the Environmental Protection And Management (Amendment) Bill, which was debated in Parliament on Monday (Sept 13), will give regulatory teeth toContinue Reading

The Green Environment, Air Pollution, and Respiratory Health

All over Europe, there are hot spots of pollution by urban areas in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Spain. During lockdown, decreased industrial and transport-related emissions led to improved air in these areas, she noted. However, while the air was cleaner than what we’re used to, it still wasn’tContinue Reading

Blue sky thinking: 5 things to know about air pollution

Around 90 per cent of people go through their daily lives breathing harmful polluted air, which has been described by the United Nations as the most important health issue of our time. To mark the first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, on 7 September, UN NewsContinue Reading