Civil society to tackle plastic pollution

Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Ambassador (Retd.) Shafqat Kakakhel, Dr Dechen Tsering, Director of UNEP’s Asia Pacific office,  Colleagues and friends, My deep thanks to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, or SDPI, for the invitation to talk to you about what we need to do, as a globalContinue Reading

How Cameroonian youths tackle plastic pollution

Nigerian-born Robinson Sylvanus has been fishing along the coast of Limbe in Cameroon’s Southwest Region for the past 20 years. Each time he returns from the sea, he faces the challenge of pulling out his canoe from the seashore. That is because of the various plastics that litter the beach.Continue Reading

Nets, Plastic, Underwater Crime – How To Stop Ocean Pollution

HATAY, TURKIYE – SEPTEMBER 5: A view of polluted water and plastic wastes claim many sea turtles … [+] lives and other marine species in Hatay, Turkiye on September 5, 2021. Sea turtles play critical roles in the marine environment but plastic waste destroys natural life and harms the lifeContinue Reading

plastic pollution

Industry players have estimated Nigeria’s recycling industry to be worth at least $2bn. Despite this potential economic opportunity, Lagos State has continued to battle the menace of plastic pollution, writes EDIDIONG IKPOTO Lagos State, the beating heart of Africa’s most populous country, has endured a difficult battle with plastic pollutionContinue Reading

High-tech flights prompt Louisiana pollution notices | Environment

The rare use of high-tech helicopter surveillance has led to federal pollution violation notices for a list of Louisiana oil and gas facilities, documents and officials say, with the inspections having targeted a wide range of plants throughout the state. The overflights using an infrared detection camera occurred in 2021,Continue Reading

Environmental groups concerned by new permit for Eastern Shore facility with history of pollution, considering legal action – Baltimore Sun

Several environmental groups are concerned about a new five-year permit that the state issued to Valley Proteins, a Dorchester County industrial facility with a history of environmental violations. The environmental nonprofits, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and ShoreRivers, as well as local group Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth, are worriedContinue Reading

Environmental groups, residents battle light pollution in effort to save night sky in Pa. Wilds | Community News

Communities in north-central Pennsylvania are taking action to limit outdoor artificial lighting that is encroaching on what has become a crucial resource in the region: darkness. Satellite data show the Pennsylvania Wilds, a rural region comprising millions of acres of mountains and forestland that feature sterling views of the nightContinue Reading