Healthcare Industry CISOs Collaborate to Solve the Third Party Cyber Risk Problem

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amid heightened threats to the nation’s healthcare systems, more than 20 leading healthcare organizations have come together to identify effective, efficient, and new innovative approaches to reduce cyber risk across the healthcare industry’s third-party ecosystem. The Health 3rd Party Trust (Health3PT) Initiative and Council, announced today, is committed toContinue Reading

Is Coke Vegan? Yes, But It Also Has A Plastic Problem

Be it the festive season or a summer’s day on the beach, there is one particular beverage that people love to celebrate with. And no, it’s not alcoholic (unless you add a touch of rum or vodka). It is, of course, Coca-Cola.  Referred to widely as just Coke, Coca-Cola’s carbonatedContinue Reading

Airlines admit that contrails are an environmental problem

Contrails form behind a commercial jet passing by the moon over Dallas. (Tom Fox / The Dallas Morning News) Contrails — those lines of wispy white clouds that follow some jets — may not be so harmless. Airlines and scientists are coming to a consensus that the water vapor trailsContinue Reading