In Central New York, a test of the CHIPS and Science Act’s promise for economic revitalization

Last October, President Joe Biden and congressional leaders traveled to Syracuse, N.Y. to tout semiconductor manufacturer Micron Technology’s plans to build the nation’s largest semiconductor fabrication facility in the city.  In a speech at a local community college, President Biden underscored the catalytic role of the CHIPS and Science ActContinue Reading

Microalgae promise abundant healthy food and feed in any environment

Spirulina, a blue-green microalgae, is an excellent source of micronutrients and protein. Credit: Anaïs CROUZET via Pixabay The global food supply faces a range of threats including climate change, wars, pests and diseases. An organism too small for the human eye to see—microalgae—could offer some answers. Feeding a growing worldContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence’s Environmental Costs and Promise

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often presented in binary terms in both popular culture and political analysis. Either it represents the key to a futuristic utopia defined by the integration of human intelligence and technological prowess, or it is the first step toward a dystopian rise of machines. This same binaryContinue Reading

How Cloud4C is delivering on the promise of digital transformation

Siew Foong Wong (Cloud4C Services) Credit: Cloud4C Services As businesses emerge from a challenging 12-24 months, the need for digital transformation and competitive differentiation is coming into sharp focus. With innovation high on the agenda – spearheaded by accelerated cloud migration projects – organisations are shifting gears and embracing changeContinue Reading

The pandemic’s remote learning environment shows promise for international students — University Affairs

As colleges and universities move back to in-person instruction, lessons from online learning implemented during the pandemic have revealed special insights for supporting international students studying in Canada. Over the last 10 years, internationalization of Canadian higher education has boomed. Both scholars and mainstream media have noted the ways universitiesContinue Reading