Coral reef protection to grow with the Green Fins Hub

The new Green Fins Hub offers enhanced and global membership for participating dive and snorkel operators to conserve the marine environment  Bristol, 13 September 2022 – Sustainable marine tourism is receiving a major boost with the launch of the Green Fins Hub, a global digital platform for diving and snorkelling operatorsContinue Reading

What We Really Lose When We Lose Our Environmental Protection Laws – The Wire Science

Photo: Nayan Bhalotia/Unsplash The environment ministry’s proposal to weaken laws that deter environmental and ecological degradation threatens human health as well as important legal principles. Industry leaders must realise that many environment laws are apiece with the historical evolution of environmental consciousness in the country and can’t be wished away.Continue Reading

3 Reasons We Need Data Protection in Kubernetes – The New Stack

To gain an appreciation for how increasingly important it is to protect Kubernetes applications, it’s instructive to compare container environments today with the way they looked when Kubernetes started out just eight years ago. Gaurav Rishi Gaurav is vice president of product and partnerships at Kasten by Veeam. He isContinue Reading

Bloomberg Law

The US Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA rejected nearly 40 years of precedent requiring that courts give deference to the expertise and authority of a regulatory agency entrusted by Congress with implementing a law. Instead, the Supreme Court took great pains to undermine the authority of the EnvironmentalContinue Reading

Access Bank takes business protection bundles to SMEs in North-West

The management of Access Bank Plc revealed that the bank has embarked on a business conversation with its customers especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with a view to support and promote their business engagement through sharing of different business promotion and protection bundles the bank offers. This wasContinue Reading