Reader of the week | Fight the plastic, not the ban

Catch the big fish The manufacturers are where the work needs to begin. Quite simply, if plastic is not produced at a wider scale, the effect will also automatically be reduced. People are still not in the habit of carrying their own bags and should also be penalised for theContinue Reading

Environment bland, food lively - Easy Reader News

Thayir vada is a doughnut made of lentil flour beneath a layer of yoghurt with savory spices. Photo by Richard Foss. I like it when restaurants display symbols of culinary culture. The images of village markets laden with exotic produce, bakers proudly holding fresh loaves, grandmothers stirring pots over woodContinue Reading

World Environment Day – Kashmir Reader

Islam and Environment Be the trustees and stewards of planet earth World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June across the world. It’s important to care for the environment we live in, not only for our health but for our very survival. This special day urges us all, at bothContinue Reading