‘Advanced’ plastic recycling using high heat and chemicals is environmentally problematic, a new government study finds

This story originally appeared on Inside Climate News and is republished with permission. Sign up for their newsletter here. The plastics industry’s quest to solve the problem of plastic waste through so-called “advanced” recycling — using chemical additives and sometimes extremely high heat to turn waste back into new plastics — is costly and comes with significantContinue Reading

EPR still top recycling issue for state policymakers, but plastics and repair laws also on the horizon

State legislators are already hard at work crafting and introducing numerous recycling-related policies in 2023, which some advocates say are critical to accomplishing looming recycling and diversion goals. Extended producer responsibility programs for packaging and other materials are once again a top priority for many states, and each year itContinue Reading

plastic pollution

Industry players have estimated Nigeria’s recycling industry to be worth at least $2bn. Despite this potential economic opportunity, Lagos State has continued to battle the menace of plastic pollution, writes EDIDIONG IKPOTO Lagos State, the beating heart of Africa’s most populous country, has endured a difficult battle with plastic pollutionContinue Reading

Issues of the Environment: Recycle Ann Arbor is a leader in plastics recycling

Overview Recycling plastic is a conundrum. Waste management experts say the problem with plastic is that it is expensive to collect and sort. There are now thousands of different types of plastic, and none of them can be melted down together. (Source: *directly quoted* https://www.npr.org/2022/10/24/1131131088/recycling-plastic-is-practically-impossible-and-the-problem-is-getting-worse) Michigan is now one ofContinue Reading

Braskem and Nexus Circular Strengthen Relationship Through a Long-Term Contract for Circular Plastic Feedstocks From New Advanced Recycling Facility

Braskem will produce certified circular polypropylene (PP) utilizing Nexus Circular’s commercial-scale advanced recycling technology, which converts landfill-bound plastics into high-quality circular feedstocks used in the production of sustainable virgin-quality plastics. PHILADELPHIA, January 23, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexus Circular and Braskem S.A. (B3: BRKM3, BRKM5, and BRKM6; NYSE: BAK; LATIBEX: XBRK) (“Braskem”), theContinue Reading

Plastic Recycling Solutions Market

Plastic Recycling Solutions Market A comprehensive research study on Plastic Recycling Solutions market added on Market Study Report provides insights into the market size and growth trends of this industry over the forecast timeline. The study evaluates key aspects of Plastic Recycling Solutions market in terms of the demand landscape,Continue Reading

Jay Schabel, president of the plastics division at Brightmark, holds plastic pellets in his hand the company's new chemical recycling plant in northeast Indiana at the end of July. Credit: James Bruggers

The plastics industry’s quest to solve the problem of plastic waste through so-called “advanced” recycling—using chemical additives and sometimes extremely high heat to turn waste back into new plastics—is costly and comes with significant environmental impacts, according to new research from the federal government’s National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado.Continue Reading