Environmental Impact Assessment: Reducing Taiwan’s virgin plastics

Post-consumer recycled plastic is finally gaining the value it should have gotten long ago, due to its environmental friendliness compared to virgin material By Steven Crook / Contributing reporter Household appliances contain plastic components. Medical devices made of sterile plastic, such as disposable syringes and plasma bags, are indispensable toContinue Reading

5 ways USC researchers are reducing waste, finding alternatives to plastic

Scientists and engineers at USC are confronting pollution with innovation. From chemists to materials engineers, USC faculty are concerned about the accumulating waste — much of it non-biodegradable. They are developing their own biodegradable replacement materials to end global dependency on plastic and come up with better, more sustainable alternativesContinue Reading

A 5-Point Plan for Reducing Your Organization’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In the past few decades, organizations have warmed to corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance issues. Whether to drive cost and efficiency improvements or to help heal the planet, many companies have adopted sustainability goals such as reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or committed to even more loftyContinue Reading

Top Tips For Reducing Plastic Consumption

When Leo Baekeland invented the first fully synthetic plastic in 1907, he marked the start of the modern plastics era. His invention delighted consumers, who had access to a vast array of highly desirable, yet affordable items, such as nylon stockings, telephones and kitchen utensils. Fast-forward eleven decades, and it’s aContinue Reading