Using fungi, researchers convert ocean plastic into ingredients for drug industry

LAWRENCE — Research on fungi underway at the University of Kansas has helped transform tough-to-recycle plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean into key components for making pharmaceuticals. The chemical–biological approach for converting polyethylene uses an everyday soil fungus called Aspergillus nidulans that has been genetically altered. The results were reportedContinue Reading

To predict environmental changes, researchers create a new generation of wireless sensor networks

Prof. Supratik Guha has pioneered wireless sensor networks, systems able to monitor soil and water quality in real-time, vastly improving environmental data for climate modeling and precision agriculture. Large sensor platforms, seen above, are used to measure water parameters such as chlorophyll and tryptophan. Credit: John Zich The “internet ofContinue Reading

Researchers say plant roots identify the climatic conditions

The precise characteristics of a plant’s roots dictate the climatic circumstances in which that plant thrives. This relationship is clarified by a recent study done by the University of Wyoming, which also questions the nature of ecological trade-offs. Daniel Laughlin, an associate professor in the UW Department of Botany andContinue Reading

Researchers demonstrate light-induced locomotion in a nonliquid environment and report a new type of liquid-like motion

Experimental observations of an Sb2Te3 plate moving spirally around a microfiber. (a) Sketch of experimental setup implemented in a vacuum chamber. VOA, variable optical attenuator; FC, fiber coupler; MF, microfiber; and PM, power meter. (b) Temporal sequencing SEM images of an Sb2Te3 plate moving around a microfiber when the averageContinue Reading

BGSU researchers helps create plastic designed to degrade

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — A new generation of plastic ten years in the making is designed to degrade and may someday help reduce plastic pollution. What You Need To Know Some people think our modern world is unimaginable without plastic Studies show plastic is contributing to waste and pollution issues,Continue Reading