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New Delhi: Earlier this week, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change introduced a spate of changes to the environmental clearance process for development projects, while proposing to exempt others from its purview entirely, sparking concern among environmentalists.  These changes and proposals came in the form of twoContinue Reading

Gala Games reshaping gaming, returning power to the players

Born out of Bitcoin’s original blueprint, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space continues to develop with the community at the center, driving project activity. Many projects choose this approach for the tremendous, organic advantages offered by crypto-native communities. Web3 communities offer aligned incentives between project and community, as the rising tideContinue Reading

Reshaping the plastic lifecycle into a circle

Visual abstract for research led by Vikas Khanna showing the plastic production, exports and imports across the globe. Credit: The Khanna Research Group In 1950, 2 million metric tons of new plastic was produced globally. In 2018, the world produced 360 million metric tons of plastics. Because of their lowContinue Reading

How Plastic- And Package-Free Stores Are Reshaping Retail

An assortment of reusable, repurposed, and sustainable products sold at Sustainable Haus Mercantile, … [+] one of a growing number of zero-waste and plastic-free retail stores. Sustainable Haus Mercantile Sustainable Haus Mercantile, in Summit, N.J., is a small store with a big mission. It is trying to gently persuade everyContinue Reading

How To Best Prepare In 2021 For Digital Reshaping From The GeoTech Decade

6828b02b-7c5f-4457-848d-038cc67c28b8 The GeoTech Decade is forecasted in the May 2021 released … [+] Report of the Commission of Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data (GeoTech Commission) by the non-profit GeoTech Center (GTC) of the Atlantic Council. The report is an important resource for your digital situation room/innovation center. DepositPhotosContinue Reading