Hong Kong And Singapore To Provide "Bankability, Responsibility, and Interconnectedness" Throughout The Belt & Road Initiative

Regional financial services professionals will need to have Asian and Gulf experience as the age of Western expat dominance declines. Overview by Chris Devonshire-Ellis The Ministerial level, 7th Belt and Road Summit Policy Dialogue is currently underway in Hong Kong, with an emphasis on improving infrastructure and developing a moreContinue Reading

The Road to Net Zero: Procurement is in the Driver’s Seat

gerasimov174/stock.adobe.com Corporate net zero commitments are gaining momentum. Thirty-one percent of the largest publicly traded companies in the world by revenue have pledged to go net zero. Critical to achieving these aspirations is getting a handle on Scope 3 emissions. In fact, data shows that 50-80% of a company’s sustainabilityContinue Reading

Sanat Rao

CEO and global head, Infosys Finacle Over the past 20 years, banking transactions, half of which used to occur in-branch, have migrated predominantly to digital self-service channels. However, the bigger trend is that as we march further in this decade, many of these transactions will originate outside the bank networkContinue Reading

Ambition of 'guilt-free' travel through offsets faces rocky road

Emissions-intensive tourism industry is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions ‘Wild west’ of voluntary offsets market a barrier to reducing environmental impact of industry Voluntary market exceeded $1bn in 2021, covering almost 300 million tonnes of CO2 July 20 – Book a flight with an airline these days andContinue Reading

Sustainability - road to a better future

Sustainability emphasizes the need for society to conserve resources, protect natural ecosystems, minimize pollution and promote social equity Mankind is facing the greatest threat of climate emergency which is being termed as “Code red for humanity”.  Industrialization, urbanization and increasing population has led to unprecedented crisis catalysed by over exploitationContinue Reading

Supporting companies on the road to net zero

Through its Green Economy Mark and Sustainable Bond Market, the London Stock Exchange has already been playing a key role in channelling capital to the green economy. It is now looking to extend that to the voluntary carbon market. The London Stock Exchange is pivoting squarely towards the green economy.Continue Reading

Issues of the Environment: Assessing damage caused by winter road salt

Overview Michigan roads would become dangerous and the economy would grind to a halt without efficient processes to deice roadways. Keeping Michigan’s roads clear typically involves applying millions of tons of salt over the cold season. Ann Arbor, for example, applies between 3500-7500 tons of salt in an average winter. Continue Reading