How I Keep My Family, Baby Safe From Toxic Microplastics

This is an as-told-to-essay based on a conversation with Laura Hardman, 33, the mother of a 5-month-old and the director of the Ocean Wise Plastic Initiative at the Ocean Wise Plastic Lab in Vancouver, Canada. Hardman does research on microplastics — tiny pieces of plastic debris that are broken downContinue Reading

Will Crypto Ever Be a Safe Investment?

Comment on this story Comment In the annals of cryptocurrencies, 2022 will go down as the year when the industry nearly died. But then December saw the birth of a pair of exchange-traded funds in Hong Kong, offering new hope to both retail and professional investors. Asia’s first futures ETFs for Bitcoin andContinue Reading

For LGBTQ spaces, being safe takes on new urgency

After a year where anti-LGBTQ attacks have intensified across the country, queer bars, community centers and gay-owned businesses are rethinking how to best protect themselves December 29, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. EST “There’s the grief of losing friends. But the grief of losing your safe place — and the feelingContinue Reading

Coca-Cola PH accelerates community water programs with long-standing partners to help improve community access to clean, safe water

INSUFFICIENT access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and poor water quality are key challenges faced in water-stressed communities of the Philippines. Covid-19 has exacerbated stresses on water systems, highlighting the importance of WASH to enable communities to protect themselves. Coca-Cola Philippines continues to strengthen its commitment to provideContinue Reading

Are they hygienic and safe for your knives? – WWLP

Which kinds of cutting boards are best? Despite wooden cutting boards being the overwhelming favorite of professionals such as butchers, they still get a bad rap. Some people claim that because wood is porous and can absorb liquid, it’s unsafe to cut meat on it. Surprisingly, the reality is almostContinue Reading