Why I think Bitcoin could be a key to saving the environment

Thursday 26 January 2023 3:43 pm by Susie Violet Ward Most people have heard about Bitcoin but they are unsure about what it is. Its magic internet money, only used by criminals and has no intrinsic value are some of the common misconceptions. Even governments, traditional fund managers and journalistsContinue Reading

The secret ingredient to saving the environment

The fact that eating meat contributes to the climate crisis is now as indisputable as the fact that the Earth is round or it revolves around the Sun or the fact that the Sun is not at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Currently, methane is driving about 25Continue Reading

A Cost Saving Modular Approach to Resin Drying Automation

FACT: Sooner or later all plastics processors have to dry resins. Some plants dry a lot. But in all too many cases processors don’t give the same scrutiny to building efficient and consistent drying capabilities as they do to the primary molding and extruding processes in their plants. That canContinue Reading

Split image of characters from games about the environment

Devolver Digital’s upcoming reverse city builder Terra Nil, which has the player restore natural life to a ruined environment, is only one of many new releases that discuss environmental issues. With increasing concerns regarding climate change and humanity’s impact on the world, it’s not surprising that many upcoming games continue to explore theseContinue Reading

Saving the Environment for Future Generations

North Haven resident Kenny Foscue uses his extensive background in health education and training to help North Haven do its part to combat climate change and make a healthier community for residents and business owners alike. Photo courtesy of Kenny Foscue Kenny Foscue hales from the south, but he hasContinue Reading

Saving coastal, marine environment through Marine Protected Areas

As part of the Plastic Free July, a global movement that amplifies the call for strengthened efforts to solve the global plastic crisis, ocean conservation advocate nongovernment organization, Oceana Philippines, called on President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to protect marine protected areas against plastic pollution. Environmental lawyer Gloria Estenzo-Ramos, vice presidentContinue Reading

Tour guide Sophia Martinez at the aquafarm

View of the lagoon from Carlsbad Aquafarm — Photo courtesy of Marla Cimini Seafood lovers and conservation enthusiasts visiting San Diego’s North County can now participate in a unique guided tour of a state-of-the-art aquafarm, where you can learn about coastal sustainability – and afterwards, get an oyster-shucking lesson andContinue Reading