How Changing School Lunches Could Help the Environment

Prior to beginning her doctoral research, Alexandra Stern, N22, spent most of her time in schools and cafeterias. As a Nutrition and Community Outreach Coordinator for DC Central Kitchen, a nonprofit dedicated to food access in Washington, D.C., she taught nutrition in schools and helped assess student approval of schoolContinue Reading

School of Sustainability’s leadership must reinvest in environmental justice and a fossil-free future

Celina Scott-Buechler is a doctoral student in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program for Environment & Resources, where she focuses on federal climate policy, carbon dioxide removal and just transitions. Karli Moore is a doctoral student in the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program for Environment & Resources and member of the Environmental Justice WorkingContinue Reading

The value of having a research school in your midst

Opinion editor’s note: Star Tribune Opinion publishes a mix of national and local commentaries online and in print each day. To contribute, click here. ••• From smartphones to new medical treatments to better-tasting apples, many of the technologies and inventions we enjoy today were developed at research universities, then scaledContinue Reading

Covid pandemic impact: When technology marries school education

When the pandemic disrupted existing practices of imparting education and forced the world to rethink its medium of instruction, technology was the saving grace. Reliance on technology in the post-pandemic era has made education increasingly mobile, creating an opportunity to make quality school education accessible inContinue Reading

St Greta’s school for the environment?

It is conceivable that sometime soon a group of parents and teachers will establish an entire school devoted to the environment (rather than specific courses). The pioneers will be very sincere, and very convinced in their beliefs about the state of the globe, human responsibility, and action plans for theContinue Reading

Texas elementary school shooting: ‘Stand with Parkland’ calls for ‘impactful legislation that fosters a safer environment in America’s schools’

“Stand with Parkland” is calling for “impactful legislation” after a mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas has killed at least 19 children and two adults. “As we unravel what happened today, Stand with Parkland – The National Association of Families for Safe Schools remains laser-focused on bringing peopleContinue Reading

MUMBAI, India, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (BSSA) was established in 2007 at a time when India was undergoing a dynamic change due to liberalisation of its economy and major shifts in the cultural sphere. The school had the challenge to envision the architect forContinue Reading

Q&A With Harvard Business School Professor Linda A. Hill

If less than half of c-suites believe their organizations have the right talent to compete in the digital era, what is the playbook for a turnaround in talent development? In this installment of the Harvard Business School Healthcare Alumni Association (HBSHAA) Q&A series, Harvard Business School Professor Linda A. Hill,Continue Reading