Plastic-Filled Seabirds And Fish Found In Monterey Bay

Microparticles recovered from the guts of some seabirds living in Monterey Bay exhibited estrogen-like effects that have the potential to disrupt normal hormone functions © Copyright by GrrlScientist | hosted by Forbes An adult common murre, or common guillemot (Uria aalge), in flight. This is a large auk with aContinue Reading

Droppings of Arctic seabirds enrich the environment

A curious baby reindeer calmly grazed in our plot. The whole family did not seem to be shy of humans at all. Lena Bakker, Sigrid Trier Kjaer, Jana Rüthers When people think of the Arctic, most people think of an icy or rocky place with sparse vegetation, if any. ButContinue Reading