Climate change progress hinges on massive changes in behavior from both public and private sectors

While 2022 brought historic legislation to address climate change, the year’s end showed us why such investment is needed. The year ended with widespread infrastructure and organizational failures as blizzards trapped people in their homes and cars, many freezing to death. Rolling blackouts were common throughout the Southeast and travelersContinue Reading

Tight Belts And Technological Necessity In Critical Sectors

Managing Director of Technology at Health2047 and pioneering expert on digital transformation in the healthcare industry. getty You don’t have to be a fortune teller to know that 2023 is going to be all about the economy, with everyone focused on ways to do more with less. Costs are stillContinue Reading

Plastic Dielectric Films Market Size is expected to reach at USD 1.6 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 4.0%, Owing to Growing Demand in Electrical & Electronics Sector

Acumen Research and Consulting Acumen Research and Consulting recently published report titled “Plastic Injection Molding Market Report and Region Forecast, 2022 – 2030” BEIJING, Dec. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global Plastic Injection Molding Market Size accounted for USD 271.6 Billion in 2021 and is estimated to achieve aContinue Reading

Why the public and private sectors must join forces to address cyber risk for national security

In the wake of high-visibility cybersecurity incidents over the past few years, including SolarWinds, Log4j, and the 2021 Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, the U.S. government has issued directives and guidance to address cybersecurity across the digital ecosystem and lifecycle. The White House and federal agencies have leaned forward to advanceContinue Reading

Importance of AIM Solutions in IT And BFSI Sectors

The internet era has brought about a major transformation in the business and technology world, with the scope of network infrastructure growing wider each year. According to estimates from Internet World Stats, 2021, over 65.6% of the global population has access to the internet. While this expansion in internet connectivityContinue Reading

Digital transformation of oil and gas sectors: How to tap new value ecosystems

The tide is turning for traditional onshore and offshore energy industries. New digital ecosystems are pumping new life into tired operational models, enabling exciting new possibilities to improve productivity, safety, security and environmental impact. But how can established oil and gas companies tap into new transformational ecosystems? Prior to theContinue Reading

5G solutions enable digital transformation of oil and gas industry

Prior to the recent turbulent and volatile geopolitical events, the global oil and gas markets had been in a gradual state of stagnation with barrel prices touching 30-year lows as recently as 2020, and upstream investment were hard to find in an industry already stricken by poor financial and structuralContinue Reading