How Argentinian wine is securing a sustainable future

Recognising how crucial sustainability has become within the last 20 years, Argentinian wineries have made many adaptations to the way that they work, producing sustainable premium wine that sets the benchmark for the rest of the world. As the network of communities and the projects continues to flourish, a newContinue Reading

The Importance of Securing Operational Technology

Critical Infrastructure Security , Endpoint Security , Governance & Risk Management Shankar Karthikason on How to Stem the Growing Cyberthreat to Manufacturing CyberEdBoard • May 30, 2022     Huge Industry, Lucrative Target The exponential growth of the internet has caused factories around the world to move toward digitalizingContinue Reading

The Success Story of Cynexlink and SecureLink

Even if you have many years of AWS experience under your belt, securing your AWS environment can be complicated (and, let’s face it, probably is). In this article, we’ve compiled six key use cases that many security researchers, IT managers and DevSecOps deal with on a daily basis – fromContinue Reading

How MTN MOMO is focused on securing market leadership – Techjaja

Following the enactment of the National Payment Systems (NPS) Act, 2020, MTN Uganda’s telco and fintech business was separated leading to the creation and licensing of MTN MoMo (MTN Mobile Money Uganda) in 2021. We caught up with the newly appointed Managing Director of MTN Mobile Money Uganda Limited, Mr.Continue Reading

Aspects of employment / communication / networking / partnership / collaboration / teams / hiring

With the accelerated pace of digital transformation, coupled with the unprecedented arrival of the pandemic pushing enterprises towards a hybrid work culture, IT leaders have played a key part in keeping business afloat these last two years. The resulting redefinition of their role is influencing their priorities as they prepareContinue Reading

embodied carbon

As the construction industry continues moving towards a more sustainable future, tracking the amount of carbon embedded in building products will be crucial to companies becoming more environmentally friendly. Andrew Stolworthy, Director of Product and Market Development of SFS, explains what the industry needs to do on this journey SustainabilityContinue Reading

Securing rural India with bite-sized insurance products

India’s local insurance broker, DigiSafe is on a mission to empower India’s rural populace by offering simplified and affordable insurance products at their doorstep. It provides bite-sized products that span across motor, health, livestock, crop and life insurance. Headquartered in Pune, Digisafe is successfully operating across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, MadhyaContinue Reading

Risks, Challenges and Securing your Environment

Before the revolution of Information Technology (IT), the world experienced the revolution of Operational Technology (OT). Operational Technology is the combination of hardware and software that controls and operates the physical mechanisms of industry. OT systems play an important role in the water, manufacturing, power, and distribution systems that transformedContinue Reading