Op-ed | How Canada is Shaping the World’s Future in Space

A Partner in the True North On the global stage of mature space powers, Canada has earned its place, though it does not always receive the public acclaim it is due. For those in the space community, however, Canada is not only an important stakeholder but also a vital partner.Continue Reading

The Trends Shaping The Freelance Revolution In 2023

getty There’s lots to unpack looking ahead to the freelance revolution in 2023. Let’s get to it. 2023 is a growth year for many freelancers. When hiring pauses, the work continues. Fiverr found 78% of companies will rely on freelancing in 2023 rather than add staff. Post-pandemic remote policies makeContinue Reading

Shaping the dynamics of an open cloud ecosystem

On the third day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Huawei’s Rotating CEO Guo Ping shared Huawei’s concept of a cloud ecosystem and the action the company has taken to contribute to its development. Borrowing a rich set of metaphors from the natural world, Guo described Huawei’s role as the “soil” andContinue Reading

How Zero Trust is shaping the future of cybersecurity in India

Technology innovations have led to the evolution of Industry 4.0, which is primarily powered by the Internet. Businesses are now realizing the importance of data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and DataOps for enhancing processes and collaborating with people. Moreover, with 5G roll out, wireless connectivity andContinue Reading

Pioneers of Architecture Criticism: 5 Women Who Are Shaping the Built Environment Through Words

Pioneers of Architecture Criticism: 5 Women Who Are Shaping the Built Environment Through Words Playtime movie (Jaques Tati 1967) . Image via screenshot Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/990487/pioneers-of-architecture-criticism-5-women-who-are-shaping-the-built-environment-through-words Architecture criticism and journalism are often expected to announce “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in architectureContinue Reading

A sui generis initiative shaping better business prospects for India

To all our congruent readers out there, Business Connect- one of India’s most preferred business magazines- successfully hosted its mega gathering- Indo-Asia Business Excellence Summit 2022 on 10th September 2022 at Hyatt Centric, Janakpuri West, New Delhi. Hosting such a great event of such a big magnitude aligning with theContinue Reading