How can Europe reestablish itself as a solar manufacturing powerhouse?

Meyer Burger opened a module facility (pictured) in Germany earlier this year. Image: Meyer Burger. Solar deployment throughout Europe must soar in the coming years if the continent is to stand any chance of meeting current decarbonisation targets, but if that is to happen in a risk-free, sustainable and cost-competitiveContinue Reading

Overnight Energy & Environment — Spotlight on solar

Welcome to Wednesday’s Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. Subscribe here: Today we’re looking at an Energy Department study on expanding solar power, new Biden administration decisions on drilling in the Arctic and the latest research on avertingContinue Reading

4 ways to make solar panels more sustainable | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW

Solar panels have become synonymous with green energy, yet the mining and processing of silicon, glass and aluminum necessary to make them requires energy. And it’s not always clean. Solar panel production emissions depend on the amount of coal-fired electricity in the local grid — Chinese panel production emits 40% more CO2Continue Reading

What Is Solar Sailing? How Does It Impact the Environment?

Solar sailing is done in space, not at sea. It involves using solar radiation rather than rocket fuel or nuclear energy to propel spacecraft. Its energy source is nearly unlimited (at least for the next few billion years), its benefits can be substantial, and it demonstrates the innovative use ofContinue Reading