Time for Responsible, Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Justice in New Jersey (Sponsored Content)

By Tequila Smith, Chief Sustainability Officer, Covanta New Jersey’s new Environmental Justice law will soon be put into full effect with the intention of protecting communities – often low-income, Black and brown neighborhoods – from bearing a disproportionate amount of industrial sources of pollution. Covanta continues to be a staunchContinue Reading

Pepper, please – hold the plastic - Sponsored Content

The idea behind Sufresca began as a friendly bet between two scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Today, it’s a promising Israeli startup with a cheaper, simpler way to cut down on billions of dollars of food waste and help wean the world off plastic packaging. An estimated 1.3Continue Reading

Digital transformation key to economic recovery

Inforial (The Jakarta Post) Jakarta   ●   Mon, March 21, 2022 2022-03-21 11:44 0 22dc95a23fb944820adae5904f4554df 4 Sponsored Headline Free A webinar has revealed how Bank Indonesia (BI) is continuing to push digital transformation and digital integration in the country, particularly digital payment systems, to develop the digital economy. HeldContinue Reading

Here’s how you can join Audubon in making sustainable choices that help animals and our environment | Sponsored: Audubon Nature Institute

Editor’s Note This article is brought to you by Audubon Nature Institute. Audubon Nature Institute is enhancing its role as a community leader in sustainability by making its facilities more environmentally friendly and encouraging others to do the same. Through a partnership with Pepsi, the Institute recently received 18 newContinue Reading

Recycling 10 tonnes of plastic bottles, Coca-Cola is all set to launch Pakistan’s first-ever Plastic Road Pilot Project - Sponsored

The company is partnering with local startups and CDAs to build a 1km road in Islamabad with recycled plastic. In 2020, The Coca-Cola Foundation and partner WWF conducted Pakistan’s first scoping study across ten cities to understand the lifecycle of a PET bottle in Pakistan. The study revealed that PakistanContinue Reading