How SAP is helping India's startups reach the next level in their scale-up journey

The world’s eyes are on India’s startup ecosystem, which is now the third largest globally. Innovations and technological advancements driven largely by the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem are enabling us to stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest countries. With over 100 unicorns and over 80,000 government-recognised startups across 656 districts,Continue Reading

12 Biggest Ocean Cleaning Companies and Startups

In this article, we discuss the 12 biggest ocean-cleaning companies and startups. To see more such companies, click 5 Biggest Ocean Cleaning Companies and Startups. The Blue Economy As governments, institutions and investors all over the world begin to understand the gravity of the climate change problem, they are alsoContinue Reading

Saudi startups kick off 2023 with fresh funding rounds

CAIRO: Saudi entrepreneurs have shown prominence and courage in bolstering economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship.  The Middle East region has witnessed unprecedented growth in the establishment of small and medium enterprises along with the shift toward entrepreneurship with Saudi Arabia setting an example for a blooming startup ecosystem.  Entrepreneurship inContinue Reading

Central American Startups to Watch

If you’re looking around for some startups to watch in 2023, you could do worse than broaden your horizons to Central America. In this guide, Craig Dempsey from Biz Latin Hub offers a brief, country-by-country outline of the startup environment around Central America. Central America is probably the most misunderstoodContinue Reading

Hyundai-Kia Reveals Details of ZER01NE Creative Platform Promoting Pioneering Startups at CES 2023

Hyundai Motor and Kia’s ZER01NE Creative Talent Platform showcases transformative startup collaborations at CES 2023 ZER01NE bolsters Hyundai Motor Group’s global strategy to engage with new companies at an early stage and foster breakthrough technical advances Project builds on success of previous collaborations; delivers benefits beyond automotive and mobility sectorsContinue Reading

The new EU policies startups should watch out for in 2023

European startups, brace yourselves — there will be plenty of new regulations you’ll have to look out for in 2023.  In recent years, European regulators have become somewhat more serious about policing tech companies. Even though they usually have Big Tech in mind when creating new rules, increasingly often theseContinue Reading

10 Startups To Look Out For In 2023

With each passing day, the Indian start-up space has been advancing inch by inch. Today, India has emerged as the third-largest start-up ecosystem after the US and China. Heading into 2023, industry experts are positive about the sustained growth of the start-up ecosystem, which will continue to be the backboneContinue Reading