Reduce, reuse ... recycle? Not all single-use plastics are created equally recyclable, and a new state law aims to make that clearer | News | San Luis Obispo

Plastic berry cartons from the supermarket. A clear coffee cup from Starbucks. Individually packaged yogurt containers. Can you put any of these common pieces of single-use plastic in your blue bin? The answer is: not really. In SLO County, and most other places, only No. 1 and 2 plastics canContinue Reading

Starting from November 17, the three-day event will see participation from 30 different nations and 300 leading IT professionals, technocrats, policymakers, researchers and academics. “BTS 2021 will drive the next wave of business transformation by bringing together global leaders, Indian corporates, and start-ups. Compelling panel discussions, thought-provoking conversations, presentations fromContinue Reading

Aerial view of the California state capitol building in Sacramento.

An in-depth regulatory development process will be needed to implement a California bill regulating the use of the chasing arrows symbol on packaging. | Merge Digital Media/Shutterstock Three West Coast states have signed sweeping recycling bills. Now the real work begins to hash out the details on how the policies willContinue Reading

Fundamental Environmental Rights: State Constitutions as a Vehicle of Change - JURIST - Commentary

Kirsten Williams, student at Vermont Law School, discusses the paths to enshrining environmental rights as fundamental rights in various states… A 2019 United Nations (UN) report found that “it is imperative that environmental laws are widely understood, respected, and enforced and the benefits of environmental protection are enjoyed by peopleContinue Reading

Political fundraising group aims to promote pro-environment candidates for state offices | news

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Applications Are Open For Marijuana-Funded California Cultivator Environmental Clean-Up Grants, State Announces

“There are a ton of paper records. Courts we know are dealing with that in various ways.” By Alexander Lekhtman, Filter Nearly five years after California voters legalized marijuana, potentially hundreds of thousands of residents still have publicly available cannabis-related criminal records that the law requires to be sealed—even thoughContinue Reading