Keep Charlotte Beautiful microgrants help students learn environmental stewardship This spring, Keep Charlotte Beautiful awarded $500 beautification microgrants to 12 different projects focused on litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling, beautification, and community greening. Four of these grants went to different Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to help educate students on theseContinue Reading

9 climate tipping points

With COVID-19 infections and deaths continuing to rise and the entire world feeling the economic impact of the pandemic, getting the coronavirus under control is an immediate priority. But recovery goes beyond plans to vaccinate the world and return economic systems to “normal.” A sustainable recovery requires a “new normal”Continue Reading

Environmental stewardship and mining: Powering a greener future We and our planet are in an environmental crisis. Climate change, population growth, pollution, poverty, and an increasing demand for natural resources which are damaging to our natural ecosystems, are some of the most significant challenges we must overcome. The impact of human industry on our atmosphere, land, water,Continue Reading

State youth environmental program awards groups for natural resource stewardship | Energy and Environment

A youth program sponsored by West Virginia environmental regulators will award close to $15,000 in cash awards to groups across the state for their conservationist efforts. West Virginia Youth Environmental Program member groups include 4-H clubs, scout troops, schools and other youth organizations, who complete projects like stream monitoring andContinue Reading

Men working on pumping stations back in the day.

Australia’s oldest surviving irrigation settlement is working to right old wrongs and restore the environment it negatively impacted through past irrigation practices, by making a commitment to global water sustainability. Key points: The Renmark Irrigation Trust is Australia’s only irrigation trust with global Alliance for Water Stewardship certification It’s setting a modelContinue Reading

Stanford issues first bond in U.S. higher education based on rigorous environmental stewardship and social responsibility standards

Stanford has become the first U.S. college or university to issue bonds carrying dual climate and sustainability designations for financing campus construction and renovation projects. The bonds are rooted in the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility standards over years of foundational work to expand the university’s shiftContinue Reading