Union Budget 2023 for jobs: Sustainable employment & entrepreneurship key to India’s growth story

Sustainable employment generation and micro-entrepreneurship are crucial for driving India’s economic growth and development. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, providing opportunities for self-employment and creating jobs is essential for promoting inclusive economic growth. The unemployment rate as on 19 December 2022, based on The Centre for MonitoringContinue Reading

Am upside-down glass with a tiny Christmas tree in it.

How would you describe Africa’s 2022 from a venture capital lens? I don’t think you can. This year, venture land defied simplification. You can only narrate and follow the story through its strange arc. The climax, exposition, rising action, resolution, and what I believe is a dramatic setup for theContinue Reading

Report from the 2022 Oslo International Environmental Law Conference: The Transformative Power of Law - Story

More than 400 participants joined the 2020 Oslo International Environmental Law Conference this week at the University of Oslo, Norway. During the first two days of the Conference, participants discussed transformative legal tools to address the global environmental challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution; governance approaches toContinue Reading

Story writing connects children to the environment

Choice of objects by the participants. N = 81 stories, each with one object choice. Credit: Marine Pollution Bulletin (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2022.114457 Researchers used story-writing to explore schoolchildren’s perceptions of marine plastic litter and the effects on their behaviors to the problem. The team, including the Universities of York, Plymouth, and UniversidadContinue Reading

PET Plastic Bottles Recycling Market

PET Plastic Bottles Recycling Market The latest study released on the Global PET Plastic Bottles Recycling Market by AMA Research evaluates market size, trend, and forecast to 2027. The PET Plastic Bottles Recycling market study covers significant research data and proofs to be a handy resource document for managers, analysts,Continue Reading

The Story of Plastics (and ACC)

  Around the time the first American “chemistry” association was established 150 years ago, a new age was born. The plastics age. It was born in large part by chemists, driven by their desire to help solve society’s challenges. And in small part by a story about elephants.   Billiard BallsContinue Reading