Energy & Environment — COP27 stretches into overtime

COP27 climate negotiators go past their scheduled ending date. Meanwhile, Republicans are expected to nix the House Select Climate Crisis Committee when they take over the lower chamber early next year. This is Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond.Continue Reading

Amazon close to 10,000 Bellevue workers, as it stretches HQ1 beyond Seattle

Roughly seven years after announcing its return to the city where Jeff Bezos opened Amazon’s first office from his garage, the company has close to 10,000 Bellevue-based employees. Compared with its 55,000-person-strong Seattle campus, Amazon’s Bellevue workforce is small but growing quickly. It will likely hit the 10,000-worker milestone thisContinue Reading

Environmental Investing Frenzy Stretches Meaning of ‘Green’

The first time Gerard Barron tried to mine the sea floor, the company he backed lost a half-billion dollars of investor money, got crosswise with a South Pacific government, destroyed sensitive seabed habitat and ultimately went broke. Now he’s trying again, but with a twist: Mr. Barron is positioning hisContinue Reading