Why we can’t tackle the environmental emergency without tackling racism

Confronting injustice For decades, Indigenous Peoples, people of colour and their allies have been fighting environmental racism, and highlighting its many injustices. Today, a new report from Greenpeace and the Runnymede Trust gathers these stories and struggles together. It should be a rallying point for those already working on racialContinue Reading

Afri-Plastics Challenge Awards £750,000 to Innovations Tackling Behaviour Change To Plastic Usage

Fifteen (15) teams of innovators from across Sub-Saharan Africa have been named finalists in the Afri-Plastics Challenge with solutions that will change both the behaviour of individuals and communities around plastic waste in Sub-Saharan Africa. Finalists from Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and UgandaContinue Reading

Tackling Plastic Pollution with Solid-State Photocatalysis

Plastic pollution is a critical environmental issue that requires innovative approaches to mitigate the level of plastic waste entering the environment. Now, a review paper has been published in the journal Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing that evaluates the potential use of solid-state photocatalysis for tackling plastic pollution. Study: Solid-state photocatalysisContinue Reading

Customers look at the prices at a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fears of a global food crisis are mounting, as climate change impacts and supply chain blockages caused by the war in Ukraine are felt around the world. These female entrepreneurs are not only helping farmers feed Latin America, but also providing the organic farmers with a better livelihood. From fintechContinue Reading

Swimming in plastic potential: the innovation that’s turning trash into cash

Our reliance on single-use products and plastic packaging is causing irreversible damage.  Landfills are exploding, mountain ranges and vast oceans are being choked and more waste is being burned than ever before. According to Science Journal, there are currently about 450 million tons of plastic produced each year, and productionContinue Reading

sustainability - 4 pillars

Expectations of the purpose of business, as well as how companies operate and deliver is evolving. The Forum understands the challenges they face and supports progress on convergent sustainability reporting standards. The lack of a universal sustainability reporting standard poses an obstacle to measuring the sustainability of business and tacklingContinue Reading