(MENAFN – Gulf Times) Less than a century ago, most products in Asia were made mainly from natural materials, and were built to last or to biodegrade easily. People wrapped food in leaves or paper and carried it in reusable containers, returned glass milk bottles so that they could beContinue Reading

Tackling Asia’s Plastic Pollution by Jed Alegado, Clemens Kunze and Kevin Li

Community-based organizations and grassroots-led initiatives across Asia are addressing the growing threat of plastics pollution. Governments must now enact and properly implement policies and regulations to scale up these bottom-up efforts and hold plastics producers accountable. HONG KONG/MANILA – Less than a century ago, most products in Asia were madeContinue Reading

Tackling the global challenges of today News

HR has a critical role to play in each of these areas as it seeks to influence workplace culture, create the secure base that humans seek and provide a safe space in which humans can thrive. Global health    It is clear that HR stepped up during the pandemic andContinue Reading

Vermont to Pay Farmers for Tackling Phosphorus | Gund Institute for Environment

University of Vermont researchers are partnering with Vermont officials on a new $7-million program that takes a unique approach to protecting watersheds: paying farmers to reduce phosphorus pollution. The pilot program, informed by UVM research, will test a new tool—financial incentives for farm performance—in the state’s phosphorus reduction efforts. UntilContinue Reading

Andres Jimenez

Andrés Jimenez, executive director of Green 2.0. (Photo: Courtesy of Green 2.0) Climate change and environmental pollution can take a disproportionate toll on people of color. Yet the environmental organizations and foundations working on these issues are overwhelmingly staffed and led by white people. In 2014, the nonprofit Green 2.0Continue Reading

World Consumer Rights Day 2021- Tackling Plastic Pollution

Every year, on March 15, consumer rights organisations around the world commemorate World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) under a selected theme.  This year the Competition and Consumer Authority (CCA) in collaboration with the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC) commemorate Consumer Rights Day held under the theme “TacklingContinue Reading