UA student-run record label showcases local talent in EP

FAYETTEVILLE — Hill Records, the student-run label at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville that provides students practical experience in myriad facets of the music business, has released a second EP, featuring music from Arkansas artists in a variety of genres. The EP, “Something Along the Lines Of,” was released inContinue Reading

Are You Enabling the Production of ‘Gems’ or ‘Rhinestones’ in the Context of Human Talent?

3 January 2023 21 November 2022 (A Simple Tool for Gauging the Efficacy of the Prevalent Talent Management System) There are ferocious fights being waged for securing/sustaining desired talent across the corporate landscape, especially, within progressive organizations.  This is abundantly visible in countries where the economy is booming primarily dueContinue Reading

American Journalism Project launches incubator with support from Google News Initiative to seed new startups led by exceptional talent

Press Release | American Journalism Project The American Journalism Project (AJP), with support from the Google News Initiative (GNI), announced the launch of a Local News Incubator to seed and support new local news organizations led by exceptional talent, with the aim of advancing a new generation of impact-driven and innovative newsContinue Reading

As the year comes to a close, how is your talent strategy shaping up? We’ve witnessed how organizations responded to The Great Resignation boom. A tired, burnt out and overworked workforce sparked a modern-day revolution where essential perspectives are completely transformed especially with career and one’s life purpose. Well-being becameContinue Reading