NY-10 Candidates Talk Climate Action at Environment-Focused Forum

Candidates Niou, Rivera, Simon at Tuesday’s forum (photo: The Cooper Union/Marget Long) Several Democratic candidates running to represent New York’s new 10th congressional district answered questions related to climate and sustainability challenges facing the district and New York City during a forum held at The Great Hall in Cooper UnionContinue Reading

Brands that walked the talk on World Environment Day 2022

In a welcome step, several brands went ahead to announce new campaigns and initiatives on the World Environment Day, which was celebrated on Sunday, for the betterment of the planet, to encourage the public to become more aware and to actually make some positive changes in the way we functionContinue Reading

Scientists fight climate doom talk

It’s not the end of the world. It only seems that way. Climate change is going to get worse, but as gloomy as the latest scientific reports are, including today’s from the United Nations, scientist after scientist stresses that curbing global warming is not hopeless. The science says it is not game over for planetContinue Reading

Why Should We Talk About Environmental Migrants In Italy?

Let’s start by asking ourselves a question: Why is it important to talk about environmental migrants? And why is it important to do so by considering Italy as the country of arrival? The answers are mainly to be found in some very eloquent data. The World Bank estimates that ifContinue Reading