Adam Guss in his lab at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

From our bottled water, toothbrush and comb to our car and cellphone, it’s hard to get through the day without touching and using plastic products. Unfortunately, while this lightweight, durable material made from petroleum and natural gas is a boon for our economy, it is also an environmental threat. InContinue Reading

Five Takeaways from the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

Background to the UK’s environment targets In December 2022, the UK government published its first set of legally binding environment targets under the Environment Act 2021 (EA 2021) with an aim to protect the environment, clean up air and water and boost nature (see: LNB News 19/12/2022 10). The publicationContinue Reading

EPA targets plastics company in PFAS probe

EPA and environmental groups are targeting a company for allegedly releasing “forever chemicals” into tens of millions of plastic containers that later contaminated pesticides, which the agency said poses “unreasonable” risks to workers and the environment. At the center of both an EPA complaint and an environmental group lawsuit isContinue Reading