Holiday Threats: Potential Targets in a Complex Threat Environment

The large gatherings, religious observances, and themed events that make the holidays festive for so many also make Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve an attractive target for violent extremists looking to take advantage of opportunistic, symbolic, and often soft targets. The most recent National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, releasedContinue Reading

* Iran’s international isolation complicates aid efforts * Water security a growing threat due to overuse, drought * Environmentalists trying to bring pressure face crackdown By Sanam Mahoozi LONDON, Sept 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In just over a year, Iran has endured deadly flash floods, crop-ruining drought, punishingContinue Reading

Readers Write: Climate threats, bike lanes, public safety

Opinion editor’s note: Star Tribune Opinion publishes letters from readers online and in print each day. To contribute, click here. ••• If you believe it is essential to have a functioning military in the U.S., you should also support swift, strong action on climate change. A 2019 report titled “ImplicationsContinue Reading

Richard Kobe

This month, as weather warms and spring arrives, Michiganders begin to think about heading outdoors. As we do so, it’s important to remember there is still fierce debate going on — in the Michigan Legislature and at the federal level — on how best to protect the environment for future generations. Here (below)Continue Reading