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Image Source: Pexels The US inflation appears to go into a winter lull as it cools down to 7.7%. Yet projections remain bleak. What’s more, the Fed sticks to its plans, recently delivering another 75 basis-point interest rate increment. So economic volatility remains high and alarming.  With another looming recession,Continue Reading

Tribal Rides/Xinda Begins Trading Under The Symbol XNDA

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2022 / Getting into world-renowned universities, including the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge, is a dream for many students across the globe. The undeniable reputation and value of their degrees make admission into these institutions highly competitive and demanding. Thousands of students from all overContinue Reading

Leveraging AI-Driven Data Analytics to Thrive in Today’s Competitive Business Environment

Leveraging-AI-Driven-Data-Analytics-to-Thrive-in-Today’s-Competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered analytics are a “must-have” for enterprises today when it comes to digital transformation. Any enterprise that leans on data to manage its operations and deploys data as the primary source of information, can endorse this. Daren-Trousdell Furthermore, he adds that through the power of AI andContinue Reading

Mohammed Sanusi

The General Secretary, Nigerian Football Federation, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi,  speaks with ’TANA AIYEJINA about the challenges of the NFF, efforts made by the Glasshouse to return Nigerian football to winning ways Technically, would you say Nigeria’s football is where it should be? This is a very difficult question because I’dContinue Reading

Akinsanmi Lajuwomi

The Chief Executive Officer of Winock Holdings Company, Akinsanmi Lajuwomi, speaks with Sami Olatunji on challenges affecting  micro businesses in Nigeria and how they can be solved How would you describe the Nigerian business environment? The Nigerian business environment is like any other developing country’s environment. I look at itContinue Reading

CSM Ingredients Outlines Its “Thrive for Impact” Strategy: An Approach Paving the Way for Its Evolution as a Purpose-Driven Organization Fostering Collaborative Change Within the Sector

As illustrated in its newly released Sustainability Report – the company’s first – CSM Ingredients is embarking on a transformation journey as it works towards its vision of becoming a “net positive, ingredient tech platform enabling taste and nutrition for a new world” Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (July 19th, 2022) – CSMContinue Reading

How To Thrive In The Coming Startup Acquisition Wave

The Fintech Startup Acquisition Wave Is Coming getty In startup boardrooms around the world, acquisitions are becoming a key topic of discussion. Those with capital and thriving businesses are looking for ways to grow, expand product lines or build footholds in new markets. Conversely, those facing challenges may seek theContinue Reading