Danone’s ambitious plan to ‘turn the tide on global heating’

The French food company and one of the world’s largest dairy companies revealed ambitious plans to reduce absolute methane emissions from its fresh milk supply chain by 30% by 2030. Danone expects to remove 1.2 million tons carbon dioxide equivalent of methane emissions by 2030 and said it has alreadyContinue Reading

Turning the #tide on Ocean-Bound Plastic Waste

Over 11 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into oceans annually, waging irreparable harm on some 800 ocean species.(1)   It’s estimated that a whopping 95% of plastic packaging is single-use.(1) One way to address the problem is by upcycling ocean-bound plastic to give single-use waste a secondContinue Reading

Human link to Red Tide highlights need for better water monitoring

When the ominous rust-colored cloud of Red Tide begins to saturate coastal waters in Southwest Florida, it means beach closures. Asthma attacks. Itchy skin and watery eyes. Dead fish and a wretched smell that can spoil the salty breeze. Now, scientists know it means pollution made the scourge worse. NewContinue Reading

The Tide Turns Toward Renewable Aquaculture Gear

Article body copy This article was originally published in Civil Eats, a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. Erin Adams steers a refurbished lobster boat down Harraseeket River toward Casco Bay in southern Maine. As she passes the tiny Pound of Tea Island, where gullsContinue Reading

plastic bottle floating in ocean

The downside of ocean plastic waste is its ever-expanding volume. But there is good news, too, and it’s often ignored. As new recycling technologies come online to address the mounting problem of plastic waste in our world, start-up firms around the globe are focusing on repurposing ocean plastics. Plastic isContinue Reading