Time for Responsible, Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Justice in New Jersey (Sponsored Content)

By Tequila Smith, Chief Sustainability Officer, Covanta New Jersey’s new Environmental Justice law will soon be put into full effect with the intention of protecting communities – often low-income, Black and brown neighborhoods – from bearing a disproportionate amount of industrial sources of pollution. Covanta continues to be a staunchContinue Reading

It's time for dry cleaners to stop using plastic film

There’s that unpleasant moment when you get home from the dry cleaner: You remove the plastic film covering your clothes, and since most curbside recycling programs won’t accept it, you have no choice but to throw it in the trash and feel guilty about how you’re contributing to the plasticContinue Reading

Inspire 2022: Microsoft's Nicole Dezen says it’s ‘never been a better time’ for partners - Software

Nicole Dezen, Microsoft’s new chief partner officer and corporate vice president of the Global Partner Solutions organisation, addressed the company’s 400,000 partners publicly for the first time this week during Microsoft’s annual Inspire event to discuss partner opportunities in hybrid work and cybersecurity. Dezen also touched on new investments inContinue Reading

This is the wrong time to cut environmental protection

Years of declining resources and stagnant funding have brought the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to a point where it no longer has the resources to fully protect public health and our nation’s environment. The Washington Post recently reported that a “lack of resources and workers” has undercut the agency’s abilityContinue Reading

Sustainable insurance in a time of planetary crisis

Let me begin by congratulating you on ten years of the Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative, or PSI. This, the largest collaboration between the United Nations and the insurance industry, is incredibly important. The insurance industry serves as society’s early warning system and risk manager by understanding, reducing, pricing andContinue Reading