India at 75 | Timeline: Environment

There have been innumerable hurdles, but the battle remains spirited. Colonial era environment laws were oriented towards revenue gain or protecting upper-class interests. The first change came in 1972 when the Stockholm Conference swung the global approach towards conservation and protection. India created the administrative and legal structures that ensuredContinue Reading


This major report presents a clear view of how global Recycled Plastics market is performing today and how it will probably evolve in the years ahead. The key findings in the report on global Recycled Plastics market are focused on the changing global Recycled Plastics market dynamics, substantial new opportunities,Continue Reading

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The global e-commerce plastic packaging market was valued at USD 18.2 billion in 2021, and it is estimated to reach USD 64.7 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 17.2% during 2022-2030. The e-commerce plastic packaging market comprises different product types, such as pouches, protective packaging, like air pillows, bubble packaging, shrink films,Continue Reading

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REQUEST A SAMPLE REPORT Dhirtek Business Research and Consulting most recent study on the recycled plastics market provides a comprehensive view of the entire market. The research report delves deeply into the global recycled plastics market’s drivers and restraints. Analysts have extensively researched the global recycled plastics market’s milestones andContinue Reading

Injection Molded Plastics Market Share To Demonstrate Enormous Rise Over Estimated Forecast Timeline – Rowelto Associates Study –

Market Status – The Injection Molded Plastics Market report aids to concentrate on the important aspects of the market. All statistical and numerical information given in the report is symbolized with the help of graphs and charts which facilitates the understanding of facts and figures. In addition, this market researchContinue Reading

Q&A: Engineers address water pollution concerns, environmental impact studies timeline for Oklahoma Turnpike Authority project

As residents in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties raise concerns about the environmental impact of two ACCESS Oklahoma Turnpike routes, the engineering firms involved in the project explained the timeline of environmental impact studies, how those studies have affected past projects and the process for addressing water pollution. Since the unveilingContinue Reading

Global Plastic Drums Market

The Zion Market Research The report titled “Global Plastic Drums Market To Amass Huge Proceeds During Estimated Timeline” utilizing diverse methodologies aims to examine and put forth in-depth and accurate data regarding the global Plastic Drums Market. The report is segregated into different well-defined sections to provide the reader with anContinue Reading