Forest restoration must navigate trade-offs between environmental and wood production goals

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Forest restoration schemes should prioritize restoring native forests for greatest climate and environmental benefits, but these benefits incur a trade-off with wood production in comparison with tree plantations. Diverse native forests store more above-ground carbon, provide more water to nearby streams, and better support biodiversity andContinue Reading

How to restore a savanna

‘A farm is not beautiful unless it is productive.’– from The Conservationist (1974) by Nadine Gordimer With a pocket-full of blazing stars and assorted other wildflower seeds, I’m ready to spend another hour restoring the several acres of longleaf pine savanna that surrounds my home in north Florida. When weContinue Reading

Empty PET bottles for recycling.

A recent webinar brought together experts to cover the benefits and complications of recycled-content mandates.| Monticello/Shutterstock Recycled-content laws are a tool for driving post-consumer resin demand. But what if producers are given too many outs, feedstock is in short supply, or the mandates actually result in greater environmental harm? ThoseContinue Reading