The 4 Tiers of Digital Transformation

It’s easy to acknowledge the game-changing role digital technologies are playing in the modern economy. The challenge, to which most companies have yet to rise, is figuring out how to fully capture the different kinds of value that these technologies offer. Developing a strategy for digital transformation that fully leveragesContinue Reading

Finnovex Middle East 2021 Digging Deeper into Resilient and Agile Transformation Strategies

RAKBANK, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), SmartStream, Network International L.L.C, Backbase, Abaka, Smartmessage, Confluent, Appway, IDS Fintech, Creatio, Smart Middle East Ltd, Faloos were well-represented at the 3rd Annual Edition of Finnovex Middle East to champion the conversation on what the future holds for the banking and financial sector inContinue Reading

Digital Transformation Is Only The Beginning: A Company’s Journey

‘Every company a climate solutions company’ getty Many business leaders feel they are ready to take on digital transformation. The question is, what do they want to accomplish with new technology-driven approaches beyond simply digitizing existing processes or business lines? Some forward-looking companies, recognizing the pointlessness of going through aContinue Reading

Qatar poised to reap rewards of digital transformation

As Qatar ramps up its national digitization plans, the country’s digital economy is gearing up to deliver a world of countless possibilities to consumers and businesses alike.  As Qatar continues its journey of becoming a world-leading knowledge and innovation hub, the local economy is preparing to provide millions of residentsContinue Reading

5 Digital Transformation Hurdles and How to Get Over Them

The dawn of the digital age introduced a faster, easily accessible, and cost-efficient data flow between computing devices in the information technology ecosystem. It has compelled enterprises worldwide to embrace digital transformation to improve business management and facilitate a wider reach towards potential customers. The global business world has takenContinue Reading

How digital transformation can revolutionise banking in the post-pandemic world

In this digital era, the banking industry is undergoing fundamental but revolutionary changes brought about by the advancements in technology. For example, many banks in favour of digital transformation have adopted the Open X ecosystem which fosters a banking environment with seamless data-sharing, integrated marketplace, easy access to comprehensive collaborations,Continue Reading

Walters Obenson

Walters Obenson is Director of Digital Transformation and SAP CX Practices at CXPORTAL. Photo courtesy Walters Obenson This is a Sponsored Article by CXPORTAL Driving customer-led digital transformation with one unifying agile architecture. Coronavirus has forced many organisations across all industries to strive to become Digital First. This is an excitingContinue Reading