Turkey’s environmental stewardship in 2022 and beyond

Turkey monumentally stepped up its “green development revolution” by ratifying the 2015 Paris climate agreement to minimize the devastating effects of climate change. The environmental disasters in the summer of 2021 and European Union lobbying pressured President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government to initiate substantive measures urgently addressing climate change. Turkey’sContinue Reading

How reskilling can play a key role in Turkey’s recovery

Reskilling initiatives will be critical to Turkey’s COVID-19 recovery. Turkey must reskill more than 21 million workers to meet the demands of the future of work. The new Closing the Skills Gap Accelerator program will help governments and businesses prepare their country for the future of work. As Turkey preparesContinue Reading

Turkey′s ′sea snot′ is part of a growing environmental threat | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW

What is ‘sea snot’? Over the last six months, a huge mass of organic matter has bloomed over the surface of Turkey’s Marmara Sea, south of Istanbul, boosted by global heating and an overload of pollutants including wastewater and pesticides. The thick, slimy gray-brown sheets, known as marine mucilage, are made upContinue Reading

Experts warn Turkey’s ambitious Istanbul Kanal will result in environmental destruction—and open a geopolitical can of worms · Global Voices

The proposed Kanal Istanbul project would split Istanbul’s European continent by a 45km long shipping canal joining the Black Sea to the Marmara, and running parallel to the Bosphorus strait. Screenshot from BBC News Türkçe video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ8KTvrdpSI Istanbul Kanal, the planned 45-km artificial waterway connecting the Black Sea and the SeaContinue Reading

Regulation renewals for Turkey's environmental vision

Environmental problems are one of the root causes of today’s frequent disasters and pandemics. In this respect, a substantial transformation is happening in the world, whereby a new order is being established: A transformation that centers around the environment. The world is moving towards the goal of using limited resourcesContinue Reading