Turning the #tide on Ocean-Bound Plastic Waste

Over 11 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into oceans annually, waging irreparable harm on some 800 ocean species.(1)   It’s estimated that a whopping 95% of plastic packaging is single-use.(1) One way to address the problem is by upcycling ocean-bound plastic to give single-use waste a secondContinue Reading

New data shows companies recognising biodiversity risks but majority not turning commitments into action

Largest ever assessment of self-reported data shows companies are ready to disclose on biodiversity, sending a powerful signal to negotiators ahead of COP15 [1] Of the 8,850+ companies who received the biodiversity-related questions, more than 7,700 (87%) chose to respond, as CDP collects biodiversity data for the first time Almost halfContinue Reading

Imagine taking heaps and heaps of earth-polluting, unusable plastic waste and actually transforming it into something constructive?Plastic pollution is a proliferating and increasingly overwhelming problem. By 2040, estimates indicate that as much as 710 million tons of solid plastic waste will clog up the earth’s ecosystem, in oceans, rivers andContinue Reading

plastic bottle floating in ocean

The downside of ocean plastic waste is its ever-expanding volume. But there is good news, too, and it’s often ignored. As new recycling technologies come online to address the mounting problem of plastic waste in our world, start-up firms around the globe are focusing on repurposing ocean plastics. Plastic isContinue Reading