Wind Farms Don't Just Hurt The Environment, They're Ugly As Sin

Hoosier Daniel Lee recently noted the policy choice to limit natural gas and coal, combined with mandates for low-energy wind and solar, is making the Midwest energy grid significantly more expensive and unreliable. Federal regulators are also attempting to quash local opposition to eyesore wind farms as they force utilitiesContinue Reading

The good, bad and ugly of towering eucalyptus

One downside of eucalyptus is that it depletes the soil of nutrients rendering it unfit for any future productive use.  Plant a tree, save the Earth, or so the thinking goes. But what if it’s not the right kind of tree? Study shows the sequel could be undesirable; in fact,Continue Reading

Virginia students navigate ugly mask battle

Alexandra Swan, 17, believes it is wrong to make snap judgments about other people. But these days, when the senior walks through the doors of her high school in Louisa County, Va., she finds it hard to follow her own rules. Whenever she sees another student – friend, foe orContinue Reading