Why supporting Ukraine’s tech ecosystem is so important

War has decimated much of Ukraine’s economy, but a notable exception is the IT sector. As of November, the industry’s annual export revenues had hit a record $5.5 billion — 13% more than in the same period last year. Since Russia invaded in February, 58% of Ukrainian tech firms haveContinue Reading

Why Ukraine’s victory is in the interest of environmental protection

The Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security investigated examples of how the Russian war is affecting the environment. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine continues in an era when the world is globalized as never before: informationally, economically, environmentally. The development of the Internet and telecommunications makes it possible to trackContinue Reading

Russia’s Destruction of Ukraine’s Environment Is a War Crime, Too

Each month, the scope and scale of Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine expand almost exponentially. There are now millions of refugees, tens of thousands of deaths, and a devastated Ukrainian economy that the World Bank estimates will contract by 45 percent by the end of the year. Russia’s Dresden-level infrastructure destructionContinue Reading

Ukraine’s dangerous Winter Olympic obsession

In September 2021, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared his determination to host the Winter Olympics in Ukraine. This followed on from Zelenskyy’s earlier comments in 2019 that Ukraine “has the potential to become the Alps of Eastern Europe.” The problem with such ambitious statements is that Ukraine completely lacks theContinue Reading