SIPRI: From climate to war, world entering a critical era | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has painted a vast and worrying picture in its latest report, entitled “Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk.”  The independent research institute, or SIPRI, which has received worldwide recognition for its annual tracking of international arms exports, warns of a global emergency. “A compound environmentalContinue Reading


During the pandemic, the world created about 8 million tons of plastic waste, and most of it is now in the ocean. As one researcher described the problem while visiting a beach on one of the Canary Islands, “I walked up to the edge of the ocean where the waves wereContinue Reading

Amid war, Ukrainians are tracking Russia’s crimes against the environment

With civilian and political welfare as the Ukrainian government’s number one priority, environmental destruction has largely been overlooked during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But civilians and experts alike have rallied together to record more than 100 separate instances of “crimes against the environment,” with the aim of bringing RussiaContinue Reading

Energy & Environment — Russia war keeps oil prices elevated

The ongoing Russian war in Ukraine continues to keep gas prices high, the European Union slams the Kremlin on gas imports and a solar panel trade group says a Biden administration probe could devastate the industry.  This is Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused onContinue Reading

President Biden And Vice President Harris Visit

Amid escalating tensions with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and China over its claim to Taiwan, the Biden administration has placed competition at the heart of its foreign policy initiative. Nation building and wars on terror are history, at least for the moment, after the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.Continue Reading

Russia’s Artificial Intelligence Boom May Not Survive the War

The last year was a busy one for Russia’s military and civilian artificial intelligence efforts. Moscow poured money into research and development, and Russia’s civil society debated the country’s place in the larger AI ecosystem. But Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February and the resulting sanctions have brought severalContinue Reading

Ukraine is Ground Zero for the Environmental Impacts of War

On Tuesday, April 5th, the governor of Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine posted a photograph of an orange plume of smoke on Telegram. It was the result of a Russian strike on a nitric acid filled tank.   Nitric acid is used to produce ammonium nitrate, a major component of fertilizers. It is alsoContinue Reading