Ukraine Wants Russia to Pay for War's Environmental Impact

Reports of a terrible odor and polluted water near the city of Brovary, 12 miles northeast of Kyiv, started making their way to Ukrainian environmental regulators this summer. Olena Sydorenko, an official at a regional environmental agency, was sent to investigate. Back in early March, Russian rockets had destroyed aContinue Reading

IAB Tech Lab – a reluctant peacekeeper in the privacy wars

This story is part of Digiday’s Masters of Uncertainty series, a look at people and companies at the center of media’s defining storylines. Find the rest here. As 2022 gets underway, the IAB Tech Lab is steering the digital advertising industry through some choppy waters. The non-profit consortium, first founded in 2014,Continue Reading

Rise in Iraqi cancer cases may be linked to wars, environment

Director of the Environmental Department in southern Iraq Walid Hamid said May 21 that “Ministry of Health statistics indicate that 2,000 cases of cancer are recorded annually due to oil flares that release toxic gases into the air as a result of extraction operations in the Basra fields,” and heContinue Reading

The Environmental Cost of Israel’s Wars

It’s no surprise to learn that Israel has had a historically contentious relationship with its Middle Eastern neighbors. In fact, the country has had to take military action to defend itself in every decade since Israel’s establishment in 1948. After eight recognized wars, two attempted Palestinian insurrections, and a seriesContinue Reading