Rwanda Leads Africa in Plastic Waste Management

The production, use and disposal of plastics pose the biggest challenge in waste management. While individual governments have instituted legislative measures and even signed international conventions aimed at stemming the tide of the plastic waste menace, the world is yet to see an end to plastic pollution. Across Africa, plasticContinue Reading

The Myth That Is Plastic Waste Recycling in Kenya

Download PDFPrint Article Brexit Britain’s dismal plan to export its “immigration problem” to Rwanda through the forced deportation of asylum seekers is in some ways redolent of how, more than a century earlier, Kenya Colony dealt with its “native question”. That centred upon how to control the “natives” in aContinue Reading

Polluted, dirty Black sea in Romania with plastic waste in the water

Plastic waste and single-use plastic is a significant environmental, climate, and global health challenge – and it only seems to be getting worse Single-use plastics account for over a third of the plastic waste produced every year – 98% of which are manufactured from fossil fuels. They also account forContinue Reading

Trending: Industry Continues to Arm Itself in War on Plastic Waste

A new accelerator from the US Plastics Pact aims to catalyze broader adoption of reusable and refillable packaging options, while an upskilling program from rePurpose Global aims to help sustainability leaders more effectively tackle plastic pollution. US Plastics Pact’s Reuse Catalyst aims to propel reuse & refill pilots Image credit:Continue Reading

How geospatial helps in monitoring and eradicating plastic waste?

California-based start-up, Kamilo, Inc. provides real-time global supply chain tracking with blockchain and Esri GIS-based chain of custody solutions to keep plastic out of the environment, verify sustainability and support a circular economy. Kamilo, a Public Benefit Corporation with a novel accountability system that tracks the journey of plastic fromContinue Reading

Potential and opportunities under the Plastic Waste Management Rules

What are Plastic waste Rules and its amendment? Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 was notified to ensure onsite plastic waste segregation, to reduce recyclable waste entering into landfills and to minimise generation of plastic waste in country. Rules also mentioned responsibilities of different stakeholders like producers, bulk consumers, street vendors,Continue Reading