11 ways to achieve operational excellence in 2023

PEX Network shares the 11 best strategies for achieving operational excellence in 2023 including transformational mindset strategies, cutting-edge technologies and proven process excellence methodologies.  Featuring highlights from our flagship PEX Report 2023, we shed light on some of the leading ways OPEX leaders can overcome the year’s most pressing challenges,Continue Reading

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Many people tend to associate electric cars with a greener planet. But is this an apt association? What you may not know is that EVs come with their own environmental cost. So, what are the downsides of electric cars, and why are they bad for the environment? 1. The ManufacturingContinue Reading

Partnerships at all levels will allow us to unlock the potential of blue carbon ecosystems to benefit people, biodiversity, and the planet.

Restoring coastal ecosystems could result in a return of $11.8 billion in carbon finance by 2040. While private sector actors increasingly demand carbon credit investments, the blue carbon credit supply is still lacking. The World Economic Forum launched the Blue Carbon Action Partnership to support national ambitions and drive theContinue Reading

Amrito Chaube, Genpact on quick ways to ease business transformation with process improvement, CIO News, ET CIO

By- Amrito Chaube, Today, every organization is fighting a never-ending battle to improve day-to-day processes, operations, and delivery. While you are busy fortifying one process, the other challenges you with something completely new. It shouldn’t be this difficult with automation and advanced technologies at our fingertips. But a digital transformationContinue Reading


Features05 Jan 2023by Charlotte Cullinan Travel has declared war on single-use plastic. Find out how agents and suppliers can minimise its use throughout the client journey. Charlotte Cullinan Content writer Charlotte Cullinan Content writer Hurtigruten has banned single-use plastics on its ships and land-based operations to help turn the tide onContinue Reading

10 ways Delta advanced the more sustainable future of flying in 2022

Delta continued building momentum in 2022 on its journey to connect people to a more sustainable future of flying. From welcoming a new CSO and developing innovative partnerships, to advancing sustainable aviation fuel markets and further reducing single-use plastics onboard, work across the global carrier in 2022 has set DeltaContinue Reading