4 Ways CEOs Can Encourage Internal Innovation

Imagine if hard drives still weighed 200 pounds and were the size of a refrigerator. Would Adam Osborne have been able to introduce the first laptop weighing 23 pounds in 1981? Without innovation, laptops would not have evolved into the lightweight portable devices they are today. Innovation is not justContinue Reading

5 ways to inspire, engage and retain staff

Research shows recognition is a key motivator for employees to stay in their roles (VioletaStoimenova) COVID-19 has already had an enormous impact on the way we work, hire and connect with each other. And while it’s still too early to say how enduring that impact will be, it appears thatContinue Reading

Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences Partnership Advances New Ways of Addressing Health Care, Unveils New Brand

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Henry Ford Health System and Michigan State University (MSU) today unveiled the new unified brand of their partnership, Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences, celebrating eight months of rapid progress in advancing initiatives to improve health care in Michigan and beyond. Launched in January 2021 withContinue Reading

Ransomware attacks are about to get worse. But there are ways to stop them

Opinion by Matthew F. Ferraro for CNN Business Perspectives The September 11 attacks demonstrated, with horrifying clarity, the outsize power individuals have to wreak havoc on an open society. Since that awful day, the spread of technology and our solidifying interconnectedness have increasingly placed the capacity for disruption and harmContinue Reading

10 ways to level-up your tech expertise

閱讀中文版本 Digitalisation is not an issue impacting specific functions; it’s a company-wide challenge. Learn the essentials from leaders at Tokopedia, GovTech, and SEEK Asia to future-proof your business. With COVID-19 battering bottom lines last year, a silver lining appeared in the form of enterprises, big and small, across Southeast AsiaContinue Reading

Three ways cities can support a modern workforce

The U.S. workforce is changing. In 2020, millions of American workers were thrust into an unprecedented working environment that resulted in working from home and new, forcibly accrued skills. One and a half years later, the experiment isn’t ending. For most of the country, the test run is looking moreContinue Reading

Circular economy concept.

By Clem Ugorji, Lead Advisor, Circularium Africa Advisory, and Colette van der Ven, Founder & Director, TULIP Consulting  Ghana is a fast-growing economy facing a plastics dilemma. Given the material’s favorable characteristics, plastics are a vital resource. It is used as an industrial input; ensures access to safe drinking water;Continue Reading