10 Ways to Cut Down on Plastic Consumption :

Costa Rica is one of the top tourist attractions in Central America and is sought after by tourists from the US, Canada, and Europe. But as much as that is a boon for the economy, it is also a bane! Even though Costa Rica is a pioneer of ecotourism, itContinue Reading

4 Ways Mindfulness Can Actually Help the Environment

Brightly is the ultimate destination for conscious consumers. Teaming up with Well+Good, we’re bringing you stories to recognize that small, daily actions add up to a huge impact on the world around us—and help us to be (and live) sustainably well. The pursuit of presence is an essential part ofContinue Reading

5 ways how Microsoft partners can help SMBs in digital journey

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling because of rising costs, post-pandemic supply chain issues, increased cybersecurity threats, and more. However, embracing digital technologies can help them overcome these challenges. Each organization’s digital journey will be different, but it is important to adapt and evolve to thrive in today’sContinue Reading

7 ways to advance blockchain in the enterprise

open share links close share links As the technological foundation for cryptocurrency, blockchain has been front and center during the volatile ups and downs of the digital currency age. Yet blockchain has yet to play a prominent role in most enterprises, with only a few established pilot applications and tepidContinue Reading

the UK construction sector is becoming eco-friendlier

A report from last March showed that the UK is halfway towards meeting its target of reducing its net zero emissions target after reducing emissions by 45% since 1990 even after increasing the economy by 80%. However, the country still has more work to do. As the UK heightens effortsContinue Reading

5 Unique Ways To Give Thanks to Your Employees for CSR Participation

Published 11 hours ago Submitted by CyberGrants The end of the year is fast approaching and like most corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders, you’re likely managing year-end giving campaigns, developing next year’s corporate philanthropy strategy, or taking a well-deserved vacation. But in the midst of all the festivities, don’t forgetContinue Reading