Why extreme weather means less food for California farmworkers

This Story’s Impact Broadcast on 477 radio stations On a brisk afternoon in mid-January, Eloy Ortiz is pacing the back alley behind a white house in Watsonville, California, in the heart of California’s strawberry industry. The house is under an evacuation warning after weeks of torrential rain, but that hasn’tContinue Reading

Holiday weekend weather forecast across Canada

Environment Canada has issued warnings or statements for this holiday weekend from coast to coast. Every province and territory is experiencing extreme weather prompting the federal organization to warn Canadians during the busiest travel weekend of the year. Winter storm warnings, cancelled flights, power outages and travelContinue Reading

All the weather warnings across Canada for holiday storms

Environment Canada issued warnings and special weather statements on Thursday to every province and territory across Canada, with the exception of Manitoba. The winter storm systems continue to bring snow, extreme cold and blizzard conditions to most of Canada, heading into the busiest travel weekend of the year.Continue Reading

Environment Canada's top weather events for 2022

Canada truly had a historic year in weather, from what felt like never-ending rain for some to frigid temperatures for others. Several provinces broke decades-old records in temperatures and precipitation. The national weather agency is reporting its top 10 weather events for the year, which saw an influx of allContinue Reading

University of Vermont (UVM) researchers mimicked climate change-triggered extreme precipitation events in an experiment at the UVM Jericho Research Forest in northwestern Vermont. They discovered severe drought and rainfall events can greatly affect tree seedling survival in the forest, but survival largely depends on tree species’ traits, like seed size,Continue Reading