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Breadcrumb Trail Links Politics Ontario Election News Local News Election 2021 The federal government plays a huge part through their public policy and this often impacts provincial policies. Ballot box with person casting my vote on a voting slip Photo by BrianAJackson /Getty Images/iStockphoto Article content Climate change and environmentalContinue Reading

Roe v. Wade: How tech companies weigh abortion benefits

It’s a problem forged by federal failure and rampant monopolization, evident everywhere from the densest urban streets to the most remote tribal territories. For the better part of a generation, U.S. internet access has been at the mercy of gatekeepers for whom community welfare, affordability and ubiquitous access were distantContinue Reading

Energy & Environment — Lawmakers weigh carbon import tariff 

The Hill, Greg Nash Bipartisan lawmakers are weighing border carbon tariffs and permitting reform. And the government is also delaying the release of water from Lake Powell amid a serious drought.  This is Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond.Continue Reading

Experts weigh in on how to save Hong Kong’s marine life

From large marine mammals such as dolphins and porpoises to an array of fishes, crustaceans and coral species, the range of sea-life found in Hong Kong’s waters is as captivating as it is diverse. But for many of the approximately 6,000 species that comprise the territory’s marine ecosystem, life isContinue Reading

German activists weigh climate crisis as election looms | Environment News

Lutzerath, Germany – A tiny painted sign reading “1.5 degree limit” stands outside what remains of Lutzerath, a village in Germany’s northwest. Beyond, the vast Garzweiler mine stretches almost to the horizon. Across, the open pit towering excavators wielding 22 metre-wide blades work day and night, ripping millions of tonnesContinue Reading