How To Keep A Clear Head In A High-Stress Work Environment

Stress impacts each person differently. Some people’s nervous systems are more sensitive to triggers, such as a noisy office. Others barely seem to notice the hustle and bustle around them. But high achievers who work in environments with constant sources of stress are at an increased risk of burnout. ThinkContinue Reading

What should inclusion at work look like in 2023?

DE&I remains a hot topic on the corporate streets. But how do diversity, equity, and inclusion show up in the 2023 workforce? Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the hottest topics on the corporate streets. Regardless of the industry, those three words, often abbreviated to DE&I, have appeared on every executive’sContinue Reading

Report into Leduc Fire Services describes ‘poisoned work environment,’ mishandled complaints - Edmonton

An independent investigation ordered after two Leduc firefighters alleged sexual assault, harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace was recently made public. Third-party investigators uncovered what they described as a “psychologically unsafe and harmful culture” at Leduc Fire Services, “serious, systemic and long-standing misconduct,” and that management “failed to provideContinue Reading


The modern workplace is undergoing an historic, unprecedented shift. From the coronavirus pandemic emerged a new focus on where and how people do their jobs; and the five-day, in-office week that has dominated American business culture for decades is slipping away in favor of a better paradigm that restores work-lifeContinue Reading