World Entrepreneurs' Day celebrated at MIT-ADT University Pune to recognize entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders

Entrepreneurs must reflect on lessons learned throughout the current Covid epidemic on World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2021. The once-in-a-generation epidemic served as a wake-up call, but it also taught us to accept the new normal. Institution’s Innovation Council at MIT-ADT University Pune has organized four exclusive sessions on How to BuildContinue Reading

World Entrepreneurs’ Day: Why the UAE is worth investing in

The UAE has evolved to become an incredibly attractive destination for entrepreneurs from all over the world due to its progressive economy, efficient digital infrastructure, close proximity to the rest of the world, and tax-friendly structures, entrepreneurs have said. Speaking to Khaleej Times ahead of World Entrepreneurs’ Day – whichContinue Reading

Li-Cycle to recycle batteries from Viridi Parente

Analyzing the chemistry of inbound material has long been beneficial for buyers of scrap metal, with different aluminum, stainless and red metal alloys yielding different prices on the market. Methods of identification and analysis have evolved over the course of several decades, but one of the bigger leaps came aboutContinue Reading