South Sudan: plastic bottle caps open up future for youth

From Villaciambra, Italy, to Juba, South Sudan, a 5,000-kilometre-long journey tells the story of the “Open Caps” project. Tons of bottle caps are collected, sold, and recycled, providing a way to pay for scholarships for young people in South Sudan. The African nation still suffers from various crises, but peopleContinue Reading

On the trail to the fountain of youth | Environment

Payson’s sitting on the proverbial fountain of youth. But at the moment — it’s more like a trail to nowhere. Study after study proves people who live in a town with a good trail system live longer, suffer fewer chronic diseases and a report a greater sense of well-being. AndContinue Reading

EU and CENN for youth empowerment, JAMnews

EU and CENN for youth empowerment CENN and the NGO Green Lane, with the help of the European Union, are trying to bring young people living in Georgia and Armenia together and raise their awareness of environmental issues. In this article, we talk about precisely how. Study visits for youngContinue Reading

Microsoft strengthens partnership with the African Development Bank to fast-track youth ...

Microsoft strengthens partnership with the African Development Bank to fast-track youth entrepreneurship in Africa The partnership will scale up technical and financial support for young entrepreneurs Microsoft is expanding its partnership with the African Development Bank to support Africa’s youth entrepreneurs under the bank’s Youth Entrepreneurship Investment Banks (YEIB) Initiative. Continue Reading

Climate entrepreneurship and the role of youth

Youth are a key stakeholder group when it comes to sustainable development, climate action or biodiversity conservation  12 August has been designated as International Youth Day by the United Nations. Every year, this date presents an opportunity to raise awareness on the role ofContinue Reading